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Wesley Youth is a safe environment where we value Bible, Community, and Fun to inspire and equip teens to know Jesus, grow in Jesus, and go in His Name!

"Hello there and welcome to the youth ministry page of Wesley Church! My name is Nathaniel Lacy and I have been serving as the youth pastor here for the past five years. I am a firm believer in God's call to serve Him in whatever capacity I find myself, but I am especially passionate about youth ministry because youth are not just the future of the church, they are the church NOW! It is an immense joy, responsibility, and privilege for me to pour into the upcoming generations while supported by my wonderful wife Elizabeth and Wesley Network/Church family."



📌Where should I start?📌

We're so glad you're interested in being a part of Wesley youth ministry! We request that a quick registration form be filled out by a parent/guardian for each student to ensure the safety and well-being of every individual who participates in our programs. The link to register can be found here: "YouthRegistration". Thank you for your cooperation.


Got Questions? Don't "check your brain at the door"!

At Wesley Youth we believe that questions are not a bad thing, in fact, they're healthy! And we also believe that God cares about even our most difficult life questions and gives us answers grounded in the truth of His Word. This section comes from the result of recognizing that many of us actually end up asking a lot of the same questions throughout our teen years. So much so, that my hope is that in the resource below (updated continually) you might even be able to find your own question and read what I believe the Bible has to say about it.

Can't find your question? Submit your own by following the link below and selecting "youth group" under reason*!

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Just What IS Predestination?
If God Is Sovereign, Why Pray?
Can God make a rock that's heavier than He can lift?



Youth Group Discussion Questions (Setting SMART Goals)

Youth Group Message PowerPoint

(From youth group: 6/5/2024)

Meet the Team!
Beth Foss- 10th & 12th Grade Girls
Kayla Lacy- 10th & 12th Grade Girls
Daniel (Yoda) Yoder- 9th & 11th Grade Guys
Kennedy Yost- 9th & 11th Grade Girls
Lily Waddell- Middle School Girls
Elizabeth Lacy- Middle School Girls
Emily Bell- Middle School Girls
Lucas Yost- Middle School Guys
Luke Piskun- Middle School Guys
Marlee Haupt- 9th & 11th Grade Girls
Lamar Metzler- 9th & 11th Grade Guys
Elijah Gordley- 10th & 12th Grade Guys
Braden Redcay
(Still in progress)